Confidential and Personal Information

The NC3Rs provides the 3Rs Self-Assessment Tools but does not retain any rights over the content, which remains the property of the Research Institution or Research Group. The data is provided in confidence for the specific purpose of using the self-assessment tools. Personal data submitted as part of the registration process can be accessed by NC3Rs system administrators. Personal and identifiable data is required as part of the registration process and is managed in line with current UK data protection legislation and best practice in managing personal data.

Data provided by sub-users during the completion of the self-assessments can be accessed by the lead-user of that account. Data provided by the lead-user in response can be accessed by sub-users within the account. To protect personal data, and confidential and commercially sensitive information (such as intellectual property), users should avoid including such information in the comments. Sub-users should take this into account when providing comments to the lead-user, and lead-users should be mindful of this when reviewing collated information. If such data is identified, this can be deleted by the lead user.

The information submitted for assessment by the lead-user will be analysed within the system to provide scores and feedback to the lead-user. The NC3Rs cannot access any data submitted as part of the self-assessment process where the institution or individual can be identified, assuming that all users apply best practice in managing personal data. The NC3Rs can access anonymised scores averaged across all accounts. The NC3Rs can access certain data provided by lead-users where they have submitted free text answers for analysis. The source of this data is anonymised, but the NC3Rs cannot control for identifiable data included within the text provided by the lead-user. Information provided through the tool, including free text answers may be used for the purposes of managing, evaluating and developing the tool.

For more information, please see our Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions.