The process

  • Registering for the Research Institution Tool: the nominated lead-user completes a registration form. The NC3Rs office will ensure this is a genuine application before sending an email with a link to create a password-protected account. From here, the lead-user can invite sub-users to assist with answering questions via their own password-protected account.

  • Registering for the Research Group Tool: the lead-user provides their email address, which will trigger the system to send an email with a link to create a password-protected account. From here the lead-user can answer questions and invite sub-users to contribute.

  • Answering questions: once registered for an account, sub-users work through the questions, providing suggested answers and commentary. This information is collated and presented to the lead-user who then makes an informed decision on the final answers. Once satisfied, the lead-user submits the answers for analysis. Video tutorials are available to guide users through this process.

  • Analysing the results and feedback: once the lead-user has submitted the answers for analysis, the system will score the information and provide bespoke feedback and suggestions for improvements. Previous results can be recalled from the system to allow for a comparison over time.

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