Key areas within the Research Institution Tool

The questions within the Research Institution Tool reflect the breadth of possible 3Rs activities. They have been categorised into six key areas, which are shown below.


It is vital to assign responsibility for coordinating 3Rs activities within an organisation. Questions in this section explore your organisation's approach and how successful it has been.


The 3Rs are not just relevant to veterinarians and animal care staff – academics also need to play a role in widening their application. Questions in this section will establish the level and range of 3Rs involvement across your organisation, as well as how outputs are recognised and disseminated.

Research and Infrastructure

Advances in the 3Rs depend on scientific and technological innovation to challenge existing approaches. This often requires collaboration, including with those not usually involved in animal research. Questions in this section will determine the range of disciplines that are involved in your organisation's 3Rs efforts. They will also establish how well dissemination of new 3Rs approaches is supported, including into industry.

Experimental Design and Reporting

Poor design and reporting of animal research studies lead to issues with reproducibility and validity, making them less reliable and wasting animals. Questions in this section will establish whether your organisation is using appropriate experimental design and statistical analysis, as well as adequate reporting.

Publications and Wider Dissemination

New 3Rs approaches must be disseminated effectively to maximise their impact and uptake. Publication in scientific journals is the main approach, but other channels also exist. Questions in this section will explore which of these channels are being used in your organisation.