How active is your research group or institution on the 3Rs?
Collate, track and benchmark your 3Rs activities over time using
the Self-Assessment Tools developed by the NC3Rs.


There are two 3Rs self-assessment tools, one for research groups and the other for research institutions. Each consists of a series of questions on the 3Rs that are divided into thematic categories. Complete the question set and the system will automatically score your responses for each category and provide bespoke feedback. Scores and feedback are confidential and can only be accessed by the approved lead-user for the research group or institution.

Benefits include:

  • Getting a realistic evaluation of your 3Rs activities: Scores can be used internally to allocate resource and effort and to focus discussions at group meetings or in the local ethics committee to the most important areas and topics.

  • Demonstrating your commitment to the 3Rs: Should you wish to share externally, scores can be included in grant proposals and applications to use animals, or as part of discussions with regulators and wider communications with the public.


The Research Group Tool should be completed by the Principal Investigator with input from team members. The Research Institution Tool assesses the organisation as a whole, across six key areas, reflecting the breadth of possible 3Rs activities. It should be completed by a senior individual, typically with support from the local ethics committee.


The NC3Rs recently held a webinar to introduce the tools and provide guidance on completing a 3Rs self-assessment. A link to the webinar recording can be found here.

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